Mathematics Workbooks (no LUK)

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Basic Number Concepts – Motivating way to count. Concept of 6; join numbers with pictures or circle the correct number to match the set of pictures.

Step to Step Count and Write Numbers – Learn to count and write numbers to 10 using simple cues. Excellent workbook for anyone who finds writing challenging. Strategies used to form numerals can be used for writing.

Addition up to 10 – This workbook is an ideal supplement to the existing maths program. The worksheets are progressive, and carefully graded.

Break through mental computation – Addition patterns, turn arounds, missing addend, counting on, problem solving.

Subtraction Concept of 10 – Learn the basics of subtraction and get a lot of practice.

The Concept of 20 – This workbook takes the student from the concept of 10 to the concept of 20.

Money in Coins – Get familiar with the concept of coins, differences between 5c and 50c, 20c and $2, 10c and $1, money value, real size coins used.

What Time is it? – This workbook introduces, teaches and reinforces the concept of telling time on digital and analogue clock.

Multiples of 2 & 20 – The concept of 2s and 20s, double, redouble, counting $2, 20c, relating the patterns of 2 to patterns of 20. All set in real life situations.

Concept of 100 Multiples of 10 & 5 – Count in 5s and 10s, using number lines and 100 charts, application to money values, coins and notes, sets and multiples of 5s and 10s, set in real life situations.

Multiply 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – This workbook provides a range of strategies to solve simple multiplication problems.

Fractions 2 – Simple steps to learn to divide a whole into equal parts, halves, quarters. Real life activities.

Fractions 3 – Learn to divide a whole into halves, quarters, and eights, thirds and sixth, fifth, and tens in simple sequential steps set out in real life situations.

Fractions 4 – Addition of fractions, equivalent fractions, subtraction of fractions, forming a whole number, all related to diagrams.

All About Angles A – The activities are designed for students to learn to identify,classify,group and measure angles.

Simple steps to algebra – Methods of working with pronumerals are introduced step by step and reinforced over and over again in a wide range of contexts.

Time and Behaviour – A practical guide how to develop time awareness. Learn the theory and get the “how to” strategies. Includes all worksheets needed for implementing the program

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