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Get ready for problem solving LUK12 – Students struggling in math often don’t understand the mathematical terminology. They find it hard to identify and analyse information, think and reason to solve problems.

Decimal notation, place value multiplication LUK 12 – The Decimal is a commonly used contraction of the term decimal fraction. The workbook encourages students to interpret decimals as tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

Building Mental Computation Skills LUK 24 – Mental computation strategies and mathematical reasoning have become an essential part of the Australian Curriculum. Our worksheet series help teachers to address the development of mental computations and numeracy skills

Break through mental computation LUK24 – Addition patterns, turn arounds, missing addend, counting on, problem solving.

Mental Arithmetic LUK24 – Being able to recall time tables is a key part of mathematics. Some children find memorising and recalling number facts too difficult.

Practice and learn percentages – The aim of the workbook is to get across the idea that percent means out of hundred, that it actually is a fraction with the denominator of 100.

Simple steps to algebra – Methods of working with pronumerals are introduced stepby step and reinforced over and over again in a wide range of contexts.

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions LUK24 – We need algebra, as we have to learn to use and apply formulas using algebra. To be able to solve mathematical problems quickly and accurately we have to be skilled in simplifying algebraic expressions.

The Four Operations LUK12 – Workbook provides extra practice to add and subtract. Two, three and four digit numbers with or without regrouping in both the vertical and horizontal settings.

Time and Behaviour – A practical guide how to develop time awareness. Learn the theory and get the “how to” strategies. Includes all worksheets needed for implementing the program.

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